Ming Wang, President

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our President Zhengming Wang (aka Ming), a junior pursuing a Computer Science degree!

Ming is from outside of Philly (Philly represent) and went to Great Valley High School. In his free time, he plays volleyball, hangs out with friends, and cooks!

Why Did you Want to Become an Officer?

He originally became an officer because he wanted to pay back the help he received from the CS community. During his freshman year, a lot of upperclassmen helped him advance his professional and college career so he wanted to pay it forward to the next generation of Pitt students.

What’s your favorite class?

Ming’s favorite class so far has been Compilers (CS 1622). It was super rewarding to learn about how the programming languages we use are built. His favorite non-CS course he has taken is Brain & Behavior (NROSCI 0080) with Dr. Edward Stricker. Any other professor for that class is super easy, but Stricker making the class really tough was totally worth it. He highly recommends every CS student to take it!

What work experience do you have?

This summer he worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Qualtrics, a unicorn based in Seattle and Provo. The company was really fun (they announced they were IPO-ing during the internship!) and it was an amazing introduction to the software engineering field. Before that he led two research projects at Pitt at the Learning Research & Development Center, was a TA, and was a SEE Fellow at Jane Street Capital. None of these experiences would’ve happened without the help of other CSC members and he is extremely grateful for them. As president, Ming hopes to make similar impacts on other up and coming members!

What are you working on at CSC?

As president, he helps run the operations of the club. This usually means regularly checking in on the officers, helping them out if they’re blocked, and planning semester and program goals.

He also spends a lot of my time working on Zero to Offer and planning the logistics for the program. He helped write all the Zero to Offer guides on the wiki and am directly involved in the slide deck creation for each seminar.

If you’re curious about being a leader at CSC or just want a resume review or mock interview feel free to message Ming on Slack or email him at ming@pittcsc.org!