Ryan Yang, Events Coordinator

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our Events Coordinator Ryan, a junior Computer Science major.

Ryan is from Pittsburgh who plays poker for fun. He also knows how to ride a dirt bike which is pretty cool!

How has your experience at Pitt been?:

As a freshman he won first place at a UPenn hackathon and won a prize at a Carnegie hackathon (impressive right?). In addition to CSC, he is also involved with the poker club at Pitt.

What work experience do you have?:

In the past he has worked for a Fortune 500 company (wow!) and interned at NASA during high school. In his freshmen year, Ryan contracted for the Department of Energy in his freshman year and did a PPG internship in his sophomore year (got a NASA offer but picked PPG). In addition, he has done a lot of international competitions.

What advice would you give freshmen?:

Even as a freshman, go to CS career fairs! Go if you know any sort of basic programming and if you don’t, still go! It’s good opportunity for networking. Additionally, enjoy your semester, go to parties if you can (post COVID lol)! Finally, Ryan tells CS students to attend hackathons even if you can’t code.In the hackathon, make a coherent presentation that is thought out and well articulated. He believes presentation is the majority of the judging scale of what helps you win one (look at his track record, he knows the insider information).