Olivia Wininsky, Vice President

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our Vice President Olivia, a non-traditional sophomore pursuing a Computer Science and Finance degree.

Olivia is a Pittsburgh native (woot woot!). In her free time, she invests, hikes on nature trails, dabbles in art and design, and works on new projects! She is currently tackling some data analysis and automation projects in Python for her investment portfolio.

What are you involved in and out of campus?

At Pitt, in addition to co-leading CSC, she is an ambassador for Rewriting the Code (an organization for women in tech), vice president of the Finance Club, and an analyst in the Socially Responsible Investment Club.

What past work have you done?

Before college, Olivia worked as a legal assistant for two years. Law is such a different world from CS but enabled her to serve and cross paths with a lot of people. Also, she learned a lot about how to run a business and handle conflict resolution and too much paperwork (oh boy!). It is definitely a great experience she’ll always appreciate.

What have you been working on in CSC?

Olivia is most excited about working with the school to launch new programs and growing the connections within our community and beyond especially with companies and alumni. She focuses on our overall strategic planning, collaborations, and company partnerships. She loves every minute of it and is very grateful for this opportunity to serve our community and meet so many inspiring people.

What advice would you give freshman?

Something she is currently working on is cherishing each moment, each person, and each opportunity to grow. She’s trying to focus on optimizing and appreciating today. It’s a huge WIP (work in progress), but it makes her a lot happier. :)