Meet the Team: Justin Kramer!

Justin Kramer, Internal Affairs Coordinator

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our Internal Affairs Coordinator, Justin Kramer, (goes by Kramer in CSC), a senior Computer Science student.

Kramer is from Muncy, North Central Pennsylvania. Some fun facts about Kramer are that he plays soccer and tennis, his favorite food used to be broccoli, and he has an older brother who went to Penn State (yikes) for Electrical Engineering.

What is your involvement at Pitt like?

He is involved as a board member on the Pitt Challenge Hackathon Committee, as well as being an active brother of the Delta Phi Fraternity, serving as both President and Social Chair. Also, he participated in intramural soccer and volleyball, and in his junior year he performed in a dance competition.

What’s the most inspiring work you have done?

The most inspiring work to him is solving problems in a creative manner with definite results. That’s the reason he loves code so much, since he can creatively solve problems and be certain when he has a correct solution. As far as coding, he is most inspired by designing simple APIs that make users feel powerful.

Why did you want to be an officer?:

Kramer has wanted to be an officer in Pitt CSC for two years now, mostly because of how much Pitt CSC has given him. When he was a freshman CS student, he had no idea about the field of computer science and had no contacts. Through Pitt CSC, he learned how to grow my career through meeting others, attending lectures on interesting topics, and participating in events including hackathons. He wanted to be able to give back to the amazing organization that Pitt CSC is.

What was a low point during college and how did you overcome it?:

During Kramer’s sophomore year, he was at a pretty low point after moving out from his freshman year dorm. He was no longer surrounded by people around him that all wanted to meet and form a community. He also lived in Irvis Hall, so he had to go down the hill to hangout with others. At the same time he was also being swamped by work in my classes. In order to overcome this, he began to focus on talking to people that supported me the most and built a strong community of friends that consistently met. In addition, he also joined a fraternity to gain a sense of community. Through challenging myself more to form stronger connections, he was able to come out of sophomore year feeling better than ever and with a summer internship.



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