Meet the Team: Janet Majekodunmi!

Janet Majekodunmi, PR Manager

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our PR Manager Janet, a sophomore pursuing a Computer Science degree and Digital Media certificate!

Janet is from Bowie, Maryland (gotta mention PG county). Some fun facts about her are that she enjoys music (not country sorry) — from singing, playing instruments, to listening to it — and enjoys computer graphics. In her free time you will catch her hanging out with friends and family, watching netflix, watching cooking videos, or learning about animation and creating art.

What’s your experience with CSC been? What are you most excited for?

As a CSC officer, she is excited about the initiative SCI (School of Computing and Information) is taking to become inclusive and promote diversity in the school. As the lead on the diversity initiative she hopes to help make CSC a more inclusive space every CS student feels comfortable being at and heard. Once COVID is gone, she wants to have social events catered to acknowledge the underrepresented students majoring in computer science or even have an interest in it. She advocates for equal opportunity and access to resources for all students. Her role helps her do this as she is able to post about events from CSC club itself, outside organizations, and other collaborations that support the career growth of students.

Outside of CSC, how are you involved at Pitt?

In addition to being an officer in CSC, she is a part of Some of God’s Children Gospel Choir (SOGC) where she sings in the alto section. She is also a member of WiCS, and hopefully plans to join Pitt Photo Club and Crown Culture. Like Richie, she hopes that through her experience at Pitt she is able to be more well-rounded and not just CS-oriented but also enjoy life and the adventures it brings!

What work experience do you have?

She was involved in the CodePath summer technical interview prep course that occurred from June 2020 through late August. She was able to brush up on her Python skills as well as learn data structures and tips on how to approach problems and technical interviews. In addition, she has been learning the relationship between physics-based animation with computer science through a mentor at UMBC. She hopes the research she is doing will prepare her for the field she is pursuing and hopes to gain more opportunities for internships and/or volunteering to further her career.

What advice do you have to freshmen?

One advice she’ll say to freshmen is to enjoy your time at Pitt. Though she is only a sophomore, this pandemic made her realize that life is too short to spend most of your time being occupied with school. Secure the bag but also make memories. Go explore the city (well…once it’s safe too) and hang out with friends. Don’t stay in your room all day. Another advice is to take care of your health (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Do what you need to do to make sure you are good and remember that you are a priority before school.

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