Meet the Team: Gordon Lu!

The Meet the Team blog series is CSC’s initiative to introduce our team to the rest of the world. Today, we are introducing our Business Manager Gordon, a junior pursuing Computer Science, economics, mathematics and statistics degrees (wow a quadruple major).

Gordon grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and typically you can find him on campus helping others out (before COVID), or going out for a nice run!

What is your work experience?:

Gordon has interned at a major telecommunications company. During his internship at Lumentum, he developed models and worked on improving databases to reduce the number of faulty products through assembly. Additionally, he is also a teaching assistant for multiple departments and classes at the University of Pittsburgh. He finds it a real joy helping and seeing students improve through the semester!

How as your experience with CSC been like?:

As an officer, he is currently the head of academic outreach. His goal is to provide each student from SCI and CSC the best possible academic tools to further their understanding of Computer Science. Another goal is to create a pipeline between SCI and CSC such that there is a clear goal for the academic success of students. This is why he has a 5.0/5.0 rating on RateMyProfessor as a TA!

What advice would you give freshman for experiencing low points?:

There comes a point in your Computer Science career where the sheer amount of work overwhelms you. During the final project of CS 1501, the infamous RSA project, there were many low points for me. Although to Gordon’s knowledge, he had believed his logic and control flow was completely sound, his code would keep crashing. It was incredibly frustrating. However, rather than calling it quits, he spent hours and hours (and hours) tracing through each individual line of code, and was able to eventually figure out the bugs in his code, and complete the project with full credit! Through this experience, he would say to not give up even when it feels like it is impossible.



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