Meet Our New Leaders to the Team!

Happy New Year Everyone! The E-board team decided to expand the team to have more students participate in the logistics to Pitt CSC. We are excited to have them on board and introduce them to the world.

Starting from left to right: Courtney Sheridan, Jamir Grier, Dylan Feehan, Alexandar Grattan

First up is Courtney Sheridan, our Outreach Director! She is a freshman planning to major in Computer Science! One place she would love to travel to is Alaska because it’s one of the few states she hasn’t be too (a traveler!) and it looks beautiful.

Next up is Jamir Grier, our Initiative Lead! He is also a freshman planning to major in Computer Science! Two places countries he would to visit are South Korea or Japan because their culture and fashion are super interesting (and unique!) and the food looks great too.

Dylan Feehan, our Director of Partnerships is next! He is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science coming from the business school. Like Jamir, he would would travel to South Korea, but with his with oldest brother. He speaks Korean (bilingual!) so he would be a fantastic tour guide. He said “Korea has these cafes where there are dogs and cats everywhere and you can just pet them. They have the same thing with raccoons too but that is a bit sketchy. Coffee, cats, and my laptop in Korea , what else could I ask for”.

Last but certainly not least is Alexander Grattan, our Software Developer! He is a sophomore Digital Narrative and Interactive Design major and Computer Science minor. He wants to travel to Ireland or Poland because it’s where his family is from (fun fact: Ireland has a high happy index place). He has learned a little bit of Polish through Duolingo but definitely not enough to have an actual conversation.

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